Laurence of Arabians

Humilité, Respect & Amour

La double histoire de sauvegarde de Laurence of Arabians

Réservé à ceux qui portent en eux un "supplément d'âme", Les Deux Abbesses surprend tout d'abord par une émouvante simplicité bucolique qui privilégie l'émotion au naturel.  Le regard se fait plus précis et toute la sophistication d'une harmonie éclectique se dessine: bienvenue ailleurs!

Dans ce Midi de l'Auvergne aux paysages sculptés par la lave des volcans, se niche un étonnant Lodge aux chambres essaimées dans le minuscule village de basalte de Saint Arcons d’Allier: les ruelles pavées du village sont les couloirs de l'hôtel!

Chaque cottage restauré à l'ancienne abrite un refuge singulier pour amoureux pas tous célèbres...Né des rêves de Laurence et Pierre, les univers oniriques des maisons fascinent et vous renouez alors avec tous vos sens:  ici une Grange et son baldaquin de bouleaux, là le salon de bain de La Cabane décaissé dans la roche noire.

C'est grâce au cheval que l'aventure des Deux Abbesses a commencé pour Laurence....une terrible chute sur le cross de Bagatelle la laisse paraplégique à la fin du Printemps 1992...des mois de ré éducation lui permettent de retrouver l'usage de ses deux jambes, avec l'envie d'assouvir un désir très fort de création d'un lieu pour les couples aux parfums régressifs de l'enfance, et c'est en 1998 qu'elle s'attaque à poursuivre le projet un peu fou de la sauvegarde du village de Saint Arcons d'Allier avec l'année suivante un complice ébéniste de talent: Pierre!

Cette sauvegarde du patrimoine architectural rural séduit:

Pierre has a genius idea to ‘make his wife breath again’ and one morning he takes her to a field where a marvellous gift awaits: a filly is just born on the exact anniversary of her fall, twelve years earlier, secretly conceived with his Anglo Arabian mare. Laurence re-establishes the sensual feelings around the horse, gets passionate about the young horse’s education while nurturing the intuition of ‘another way’.

The story takes a new turn when she acquires her first Arabian horse: an astonishing filly and at first only destined to become Isabelle’s companion. Fascinated by the abilities of Radja, Laurence educates herself about the Arabian breed and some key encounters awaken a new desire of respectful preservation: the one of pure Desert Bedouin Arabians! Away from the ebullient Arabian, it is on the contrary the one bred ‘under the Bedouin’s tent’ which she selects first for his temperament, then his performance, conformation, his strength, and if possible in one word, his substance.

Since 2008, the adventure of Sheykh Obeyd bloodlines preservation shaped up fast and as a humble person, she never dared imagining ‘improving’ a breed which fundamental qualities that had been forged by centuries of strict Bedouin breeding selection in an hostile environment and preserved of any non Asil blood.

Today, both preservation stories come together in the fairy tale environment of the Les Deux Abbesses, and the activities and connection with the horse blossoms.

Laurence now offers guests personal development workshops, for wellbeing and self confidence, with coach Marie Ebling, who also offers seminars for companies on leadership and team building. Horses are indeed experts in non-verbal communication and peerless revealers of the underlying intentions of our behaviour: they instantly relay back to us our energy or emotions.

Laurence is thrilled since she has now found this other way of educating and communicating with the horses she felt existed and now proposes to teach to riders, trainers and breeders, to help them discover and learn behaviour riding.

All the horses at Laurence of Arabians receive regular attention in equine podiatry, dental and osteopathic care. The horses also live in herds, including the males, and no horse is secluded to a box stall.

Laurence and Pierre harmoniously enjoy their work of preserving Heritage, whether in architecture or with animals. Feel free to visit with them as your heart will be imprinted by their humility, respect and love.


Laurence of Arabians breeding program

To go back deeply into Laurence of Arabians breeding programme, we must focus on some points that led to the establishment of Laurence’s stud. The first horses to be bought were imported from the USA where today can be found the largest group of Sheykh Obeyd horses, along with some very rare Asil bloodlines.

Laurence was quickly attracted to the athletic abilities of Arabians with one of her favourite ancestors being*Adhem, who also happened to be black. She bought her first horses from Stephanie White, a long time breeder of Sheykh Obeyd horses in the USA and owner of Brandywine Arabians in North Carolina, who created a special look in Sheykh Obeyd horses with both body and temperament qualities.

She concentrated on the athleticism from the Pritzlaff lines. Richard Pritzlaff was one of the pioneers in straight Egyptian breeding in the late 1950s and had produced a unique group of horses largely inbred Nazeer and Moniet el Nefous, two of the most important horses ever produced by El Zahraa State Stud. He is also the breeder of Bint Bint Moniet, the incredible million-dollar mare sold at Bentwood!). Next was harmony from the Masada program founded by Walter Schimanski. He was the most influential breeder of Sheykh Obeyd horses throughout the 1970s and into the 1990s, offering beauty and that special nick by *Adhem, an influential sire in the USA who had been imported directly from Egypt and carried the legendary blood of Negma, who in turn is the key to the Babson Arabian horses.

Laurence certainly acquired one of the most beautiful black beauties ever produced named Miz Ella BWA(Khebateer BWA by Khe Adhem x Sirenas Ellen BWA by Masada El Shahwan). This young Dahma mare traced to El Dahma and is truly exquisite with her nice dish, attractive rubicano coat, big black expressive eyes and very refined muzzle. Miz Ella BWA exhibits a powerful body but yet has very smooth gaits and a regal presence. She could be named ‘queen of the farm’ after having a brief look at her. In 2011 she gave birth to a very special colt by CH Michael Kariim (Masada Aheb by Fa Asar x JA Nirvana Halima by Raadin Inshalla): Kharish Asar Bukra already shows incredible substance and presence, and will be raised to be tested as the farm’s stallion replacement for his sire. Miz Ella BWA has foaled late April 2013 another athletic Sheykh Obeyd black rubicano colt Kharish Adhem Dawar by Zaraq El Amir BWA .

Zaraq El Amir BWA is a solid blue black tracing to the Saqlawi strain. This young horse shows great potential for any sport horse discipline. He embodies the true Bedouin type and temperament. Zaraq was sired by Amir Seralim BWA by Ru Amir Ser and out of Khemona Lisa BWA by Khe Adhem. He traces to Moniet el Nefous and despite being a Saqlawi, he portrays the image of a more masculine stallion, with a powerful neck and extremely rare powerful hindquarters, very straight and short back, strong body, large chest and strong shoulder. He can go as fast as the wind and turns with the ability of a feline. This promising stallion has been bred to a variety of mares with success, and constantly offers his short back and powerful hindquarters!

Laurence continued to increase her interest in the history of the Arabian horse, devouring Arabian books edited by several associations and searching the Internet to find more information about them. She had the opportunity to acquire three rare Hadba mares from Zee Ranch, Arizona, USA, owned by Kimberley Nelson, also a long time breeder of those rare Sheykh Obeyd treasures. Kimberley proposed three very different mares but all Hadba in strain. It is important to note here that the Sheykh Obeyd horses are a small part of what is today the straight Egyptian Arabian. In this small group only four strains remained intact: Saqlawi, Dahma, Hadba, and Kuhayla. There is no Obeya Sheykh Obeyd. The Hadba strain in Sheykh Obeyd lines is the smallest in number, with around 80 horses left, but also it is one of the most interesting. All of the big stars at El Zahraa were of this strain, including the great and unforgettable Nazeer, founder of the modern straight Egyptian horse.

Laurence is privileged to own the mares Hadba Bint Gazaal (Glorieta Gazaal x Zurhara Dalima), Hadba el Fahima(Hallany Mistanny x Rabdania BWA) and Glorys Legada BWA (Amir Seralim x Glorieta Rabdania). All three ladies exhibit an extraordinary movement inherited from the Hadba strain, they all fly without wings.

 Hadba Bint Gazaal or ‘baby Gazaal’, is a magnificent grey mare with tons of refinement that shows in her bone structure, prominent tear bone and light body. Her sire Glorieta Gazaal was used in some of the best straight Egyptian studs in the USA, including Rancho Bulakenyo, home of El Halimaar and now Imperial Al Kamar.

Hadba El Fahima, is also very refined in type and perhaps with more power to her body than Gazaal. Laurence would like her to eventually become her ‘pony jumper’ representative since Fahima shows great potential and is convinced that the Sheykh Obeyd Arabians of smaller size with great bodies and fabulous temperament are the perfect children horses. She is always adding function to form.

Glorys Legada BWA is a sumptuous liver chestnut mare, less of a typey head than the two others but with loads of substance, she is more Kuhayla in type whereas the two others tend to be more Saqlawi. The Hadba strain is always in between regarding phenotype. Legada has one of the sweetest temperaments you can ever imagine. She has given birth to a rare and spectacular first foal by Ch Michael Kariim in 2012: Kharish Asar Sheetan one of the only 2 black Hadban Sheykh Obeyds.

The 3 Hadba did not travel alone, they came with a tremendous filly named Dark Angel BWA (Khesir BWA by Khe Adhm x Love Letters BWA by Amir Seralim BWA). All legs and snort, Dark Angel BWA (is a great representative of the BWA breeding goals and Laurence has plans for her before she is bred to CH Michael Kariim in 2014.

Laurence is always on a quest to find something new but with the same ideal vision of the previous imports, and decided to add one more stallion, Aswad Shahwan BWA (Amir Seralim BWA by Ru Amir Ser x Sirenas Ellen BWA by Masada El Shahwan). Aswad Shahwan BWA is a lovely Dahman stallion, very similar to Miz Ella BWA in hisappearance since they are maternal siblings.

Since his arrival in France, Aswad has been trained in endurance and has qualified for 90km, the national level. He displays a great mind and stamina for endurance and is one of the very few Sheykh Obeyd horses that are trained at this level. Aswad was also shown in ridden classes and dressage with Rozenn Cairic in Britanny.

Solara Mooniet BWA (BW Fadl Tali by Faydin x Khemona Lisa BWA) was added to the mare herd. Her pedigree contains Pritzlaff/Adhem lines, combined with a high percentage of Babson blood, which is generally a great outcross to add non-Nazeer lines. Also, the Babson and Adhem Arabians share the same ancestors with the Babson blood being key to athleticism, smooth bodies, strength and generosity. This Saqlawiyah filly is the reflection of her strain and embodies refinement combined with lots of length, long neck and long legs. Solara Mooniet BWA is the “Adrianna Karembeu” (a beautiful fashion model and actress) of the team showing how much a horse genotype can change in its outdoor appearance. She is the maternal sister of Zaraq El Amir BWA and shows many of the same traits like him but expressed in a different way.

After Laurence settled the foundations of a great breeding programme, she decided to visit some straight Egyptian/Sheykh Obeyd breeders in Europe and fell in love with two particular Arabians who were full brother and sister: CH Michael Kariim and Mahrus Li Nirvana by Masada Aheb by Fa Asar x JA Nirvana Halima by Raadin Inshalla. Bred by Cheryl Horton in the USA, they had been acquired in Belgium and later by Laurence.

These horses are quite different in type from the original horses she had selected, and of the Babson, Ansata and Sirecho lines, well known to produce exceptional individuals such as Laheeb, leading sire at Ariela Arabians, Israel. They have great substance, nice muscling, round lines with smoothness everywhere, nice type with extreme large forehead and big nostrils.

This was a smart decision to add these two horses to their breeding programme as they will be an outcross both in phenotype and genotype. The Dahman strain is well known for smoothening the angular strains of Saqlawi and Hadba, who are in large number here.

CH Michael Kariim unfortunately died too young in a tragic accident but had been bred to several mares in 2011 and will be used via frozen semen in the future to maintain the genetic diversity of the herd which is quite inbred. Unfortunately, his full sister Mahrus Li Nirvana will probably never settle as Laurence had discovered after taking her to the best French reproductive vet that her cervix was terribly damaged. So  Mahrus Li Nirvana will become the respectful education aunty of the youngsters in the herd.

While falling in love with Kariim, Laurence couldn’t help but notice a statuesque dark chestnut mare: Canasta Fayrooz (Ashri Al Ameed by Raadin Inshalla x Farah Bint Shiko by Shiko Ibn Sheikh) born from two precious imported horses bred by Judi Parks. She foaled a refined colt in 2011: Kharish Hafid Bashshar whose sire is an ebullient NK Hafid Jamil son Shahim Al Nakeeb, recently exported to the USA, adding a triple Hanan future stallion to Laurence’s program who succeeded in proving her SO mare to a show stallion.

Fayrooz gave her another statuesque and refined black SO colt by Zaraq El Amir Bwa in 2012: Kharish Adhem Sharif.

Four important mares have not been mentioned, and they are not Sheykh Obeyd labelled, but all have Egyptian blood whether straight Egyptian or Egyptian-related.

Radja el Mehari (Mehari El Mektoub by Mektoub x Ghardaia El Masan by Masan) became the very first Arabian mare of the stud. She has an impeccable pedigree combining the best of the German straight Egyptian lines and French performance lines. She is a big bodied mare and a great asset since she also performed endurance trail (60kms) and gave birth in 2012 to an irresistible filly by CH Michael KariimKharish Asar Shahwaneh.

The black mare, Sinoan Safiyah Essuad (Ibn Laila Rej by The Verdict HG x Habba Saouda Rej by Imperial Mashhar), was a bit border line to Laurence’s programme, but she purchased her to sustain the arrival of a group of precious Sheykh Obeyd bloodlines in France, which later were unfortunately dispersed, she also gave Laurence her first foal, Kharish Adhem Azraff by Zaraq el Amir BWA. She was back in foal to CH Michael Kariim for another black treasure, a Homozygous filly born in 2012: Kharish Asar Shabihat who everyone falls in love with and will be her Dam’s replacement unless she finds a fantastic home. This tall young mare is out of an Imperial Mashhar (leading sire at the Royal Stables of Morocco) daughter by a son of The Verdict HG (full brother to The Vision HG).

The grey AG Hatsipsut is a straight Egyptian daughter of Kariim, born in Belgium. She is of the rare Kuhaylan Rodan line and her dam, Quidams Fayfan by Meranti Fa Asar, is a Fikri grand-daughter, known for great athleticism. She is a work in progress and a great asset for their non-Sheykh Obeyd programme.

The last mare is Sesklama (Opal Black de la Loze by Rosmear Hi Sitam x Eskladade Gacia by Ekla de Gargassan, French National Champion) that Laurence had saved three years ago who had a colt by her stallion Zaraq. She took them both home and has enjoyed this lovely show mare and her colt Aisheem is now enjoying a fabulous life with a respectful owner near Luxembourg. Sesklama shows lots of type coupled with fantastic movement and proved to be a valuable asset to their outcross programme with her 2012 filly by Kariim: Kharish Asar Shamsee.